Amazon Updates…And, Releasing Vampire Novel “Eternal Existence”

Happy over the hump day, and can you believe that February fast approaching? The weather has been wacky going from warm to cold and driving me crazy. That as well as tackling the lingering effects of a cold, it’s been a trying two weeks. But at last I’m commencing to feel good again. The only downside is I didn’t get that much writing done. Although I am still on target with my priorities for this week, so I’m happy in that regard.

Well let me share with you that I’m trying to get over the fact that Amazon has done away with tags. I about flipped when I noticed that every single tag I inquired had vanished. And of course, this happens just as I learn how efficient tagging can be. I should mention I had to compose myself for a few moments upon this discovery. I certainly didn’t need to poison my 6th grade son’s ears with foul language, and that’s certainly where I was heading.

Once I had adjusted, I wanted to know what brought on this change, so I hit the internet looking for information. I learned Amazon removed the tags in favor of replacement features (wish lists, business colleague reviews and recommendation). Wow, really?

Speaking only for myself, I found tagging to be beneficial, and since the removal my ranking has increased two times over (sighs). I’m not a happy camper; nonetheless, I’m not going to dwell on it either. I’ve come to accept a long time ago that nothing useful ever sticks around for too long. It just takes me a little time to remember that when my brain is someplace else. Oh well, life goes on, right?

I’m going to stop rambling – please check out my new book that I’m publishing on Saturday, February 2.

Ariana Porter, newly born and draped in nothing but a blanket with an insignia on it, was left outside of a hospital emergency entrance. With the whereabouts of her parents never to be discovered, she was cared for and eventually adopted by the nurse who found her, Susan Porter.

For years, Ariana had been plagued by strange dreams. They meant nothing, just fragments of her imagination is what she boiled it down to be. However, since she has turned 24 things has gone from bad to worse. Not only have the dreams become a reality, she has started to experience weird episodes. Her childhood friends, Leora and Scott will stick beside her no matter what, but mysterious visitors from her lost past, Kirsten and Judas, show up and they might be the only two that can provide the needed answers to help her stay alive. Even with their aid it still may not be enough to stop the vicious vampire, Luthen, who wants to seize her soul.

Thanks for visiting.

R Lynn


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