Easy Ways to Sell More Books


I was checking my websites email this morning and came across an article written by Author/CEO of Bestseller Labs, Jonathan Gunson, titled Goodreads CEO Reveals An Amazingly Easy Way To Sell More Books. Right off the bat, there were three things that caught my attention right away.

1)     The first was adding links to the end of your finished book. I recently did this with my most recently published e-book, Eternal Existence. And the reason why was because I had seen it displayed that way in someone e-book I had just finished reading. I thought, wow, this is such a genius way to let my readers know about my current and upcoming releases, as well as how to follow me.

2)     The second was making sure your Amazon pages do their job. After giving my pages a second look, I see that I can do a lot more with my author’s page. As stated in the article, “Readers look at these pages when making decisions, so fill out all the sections on these pages properly.”

3)     And the last thing was a poll asking readers “What do you want to do when you get to the end of a book?” There were four things mentioned, but at the top of the list 83% of readers stated that they want to see what else the author has written, which takes me back to why adding links are effective.

A lot of helpful information that I’m certainly going to put to good use.

Talk to you later,

R. Lynn

Website:  http://www.rlynnarchie.com


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