G’s Charismatic Bunch – Takes 1 To Know 1 (Series #2)

Gs bunch rev.pic

Takes 1 To Know 1

Every day is a busy day at work, but every now and then there needs to be a distress mechanism, and that’s where Demi and Gessica come into play. Why them? Because out of the bunch, they are the adventures ones. Now in Demi’s defense it must be stated that even though she is the sweetest person ever, she’s the craziest of the group. But, even the sweet ones have flaws, and Demi’s is that she’s a talkaholic. Not like gossiping, but better defined as not knowing when to stop talking. Better yet, if you need to get something done and you’re pressed for time, a good note would be to avoid Demi like the plague.

Getting back to business, Gessica cleared all random thoughts out of her head, and was fully engrossed in her work until Demi interrupted her concentration.

“Bronwyn!” Demi yelled from her office.

“Yes?” Bronwyn sighed, slightly startled from the shrieking sound of Demi’s voice that cut through her like fingernails on a chalkboard.

“I need you, come here!” She demanded.

Anna is right smack in the middle between Demi and Bronwyn, so she had to speak up. Swiveling her chair around, she turned toward Demi’s location and shouted, “You are so darn bossy. What happened to asking?!” Anna questioned. There’s was no response, and as usual, Demi ignored the question.

Bronwyn stood and shouted back, “Give me a second, I need to finish up something first!”

Unable to sit idled a minute more, Gessica decided to pay Demi a visit. “Hey, we do have telephones in the office; you could have easily buzzed her.”

Demi started waving her hands around as she began speaking. “She’s right down the hallway,” she explained as she pointed down the corridor. “It’s a waste of time picking up the phone when she can easily hear me.”

I swear she is the most animated person I know, Gessica thought as she observed Demi.

“I hope you know that what you said is completely ridiculous,” Gessica replied twisting up her lips.

Demi said nothing; she only sat there on her chair looking like the Queen of Sheba. There were not too many people who Gessica knew that would be caught at work wrapped in a zebra striped heating blanket; a blanket that looked more like a Snuggie. Demi’s greenish, cat eyed stare had started to annoy Gessica. What she wanted to do was grab a hold of Demi’s chair and spin her around like a top. Those green eyes of hers indeed would look crazy then, Gessica thought as a big smile appeared. Oh wow, that’s a mean thought, but oh would it be amusing.

“What’s so funny?!”

“You are dear. Why do you always have to stare at me like I’m insane? You don’t have a problem speaking your mind, and that’s 24/7.”

Demi remained silent, but truth be known there’s not many rare moments that renders her speechless. One can only assume what she’s thinking. Demi sat there looking like Ms. Conservative, but low and behold, the real her in true form is feisty and full of entertainment. And, unless you knew Demi, you would never know about her wild streak. It was something she kept on the DDL (Demi’s Down Low).

Gessica returned to her desk, and about an hour later she noticed Demi on her way to the ladies room. A light bulb flashed in her head, and just as she was about to play her cards she observed Bronwyn headed in the same direction.

Darn, sorry Bronwyn, but in order to get her I guess I’m going to have to sacrifice you in the process, Gessica thought. It’s now or never, so Gessica asked Anna to answer her calls. Not wanting her to miss out on the action, she alerted Anna that she should stand idle by the door because something was about to go down.

Anna’s eyes twinkled in excitement, and she whispered, “What are you about to do?”

Gessica chuckled. Anna has the persona of a Princess Grace, so dainty and graceful. But, since she’s also part of the bunch, sometimes that grace got thrown out the window. After Gessica shared her master plan, Anna stood out of view by the door as Gessica continued on down the hallway.  It intersected with another hall that led to the ladies room, so she took refuge out of sight, right at the connected point. She stood there and waited…and waited…and still waited for the girls to exit.

“Oh my goodness, did they fall into their toilets?” Anna whispered to Gessica as she stuck her head out the door.

“How am I supposed to know? Shhh, be patient,” she whispered back.

Gessica heard the phone ringing, and knew that Anna would need to go answer it. However, before the door closed, she could have sworn she heard Anna mumble some profanities. Yeah, she’s no English maiden no more. She’s corrupt just like the rest of us. Too funny, Gessica thought.

Finally, the bathroom door opened, and the sound of giggles heightened as the two got closer. Just as, they were about to make the turn headed in Gessica’s direction, she jumped out in front of them.

“Aaaahhhhh!” Gessica yelled as she appeared before them like some deranged maniac. Bronwyn and Demi immediately stopped dead in their tracks. No, stopped is wrong, they jumped inches of the floor, and their faces displayed a heart-stopping look of surprise. Their eyes were as large as saucers, and both had the same reaction as they shrieked loudly. This was better than she planned, and Gessica barely could catch her breath from laughing so intensely. She laughed so hard she cried, and was all bent over in a heap. Gessica could not speak—and it would have been a fantastic video moment if she would have thought about it in advance.

Anna stepped out into the hallway, and since she heard the commotion she knew she had missed it all.

“Any other time I can get on and off the phone, but oh not today. I swear I got asked the same question ten different times. Damn it, I’m so mad right about now!”

“G, that was so wrong!” Demi bellowed, irritated that Gessica got her.

“Yeah G, you could have given me a heart attack!” Bronwyn shouted.

Gessica settled down and calmly stated with sweet innocent eyes, “I’m sorry ladies.”

“No, you’re not, and for the record you’re STUPID, as stupid as one can get,” Demi blurted out.

“Takes one to know one, so thank you,” stated Gessica with a big grin smeared over her face.

Anna chuckled and said, “I’m going back into the office; yall can injure each other without a witness.”

Both having had enough laughs on their account, they walked back to the office as well, and left Gessica standing there with a smirked grin across her face.

“It’s okay, no hard feelings, still love you both, smooches!” Another glorious day in the office, she thought.


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