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The past week was extremely busy, but as things have finally returned to a regular grind I was finding it hard to get back into my writing routine. I needed to jumpstart my brain, and I turned to the solution that always seem to work for me—inspiration.

As much as I fancy writing (which is a lot), there are times that I stumble upon that dense wall, and that’s when I need a dose of inspiration. And, the best part is there’s loads of it, and it’s free. I have a top six list that I usually go by:

1) Reading – this can be anything from books, to magazines, or even blogs;

2) Forums – here I can gather useful information and see what other self-published authors have encountered, overcome, or learned along the way;

3) Music – it relaxes me and allows my thoughts to start pouring out;

4) Friends – they help without even trying, and I get my best ideas from them because they are such a passionate group of individuals that are downright engaging;

5) Dreams – They always come through for me when I get stuck in figuring out a story or in helping to decide which direction to take my characters;

6) Google – The results are lasting and all you have to do is look.

So here’s your chance, tell me what things you use for inspiration? I would enjoy hearing them.

Until later,

R. Lynn



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