G’s Charismatic Bunch – Let Me Try On Your Boots (Series #4)


Let Me Try On Your Boots

Gessica sat her desk listening to the sound of her stomach rumbling. Only five more minutes until lunch, and it couldn’t get here fast enough. Demi entered the office, distracting her as she returned from running an errand. Not that she’s a germaphobe or anything, but Demi’s first instinct when returning from outside is to go straight to the hand sanitizer conveniently located in the reception area for all to use.

“Darn it!” Demi shrieked while she scanned over her attire.

Gessica had not seen what had happened, but guessed at what Demi’s irritation stemmed from. “Did you do what I think you did?”

“Yeah…damn it!”

Tami passed by and noticed that sanitizer had splashed over a good portion of Demi’s slacks. “You better run to the kitchen and wipe some of that off, so it doesn’t stain.”

“Yeah, you got a point,” she answered as she followed Tami, headed in the same direction.

“Oh my God!” Demi shrieked once again.

Now what’s wrong?Gessica thought as she heard the commotion. Then she gazed upon Demi in route back to her office.

“Hey, what happened,” Gessica called out. “I heard you all the way from here.” However, before Demi could respond, Gessica noticed the culprit.

“Oh my gosh! How hard did you hit the nozzle?!”

There was a long wide stretch of wetness that ran down Demi’s slacks. She was the only person in the office that smacked on the nozzle as if she was playing on the television game show, Family Feud.

“It squirted out, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw it under that darn bright light in the kitchen,” snorted Demi.

Gessica laughed. “What did I tell you about attacking that bottle? Now it looks like you pee’d your pants.” She was not aware that anyone was listening until she heard laughter emanate from Bronwyn and Anna.

Demi rolled her eyes and walked away, only for Anna to catch sight of what Gessica had referred to. “She’s right; you do look as if you had an accident. You better go back to your office and hide out until it dries,” she exclaimed as she chuckled.

“Whatever, you both are crazy!” Demi replied, as she sauntered out of sight.

About an hour later, Gessica returned from lunch. She needed change for the bus, but had not wanted to venture outside. If anyone had it, Anna would for sure.

“Hey Anna, would you happen to have change for a five dollar bill?” She asked as she stood leaning against her cubicle wall.

In her dainty, graceful fashion, she replied, “Um, yeah I do,” she said and reached down into a drawer to retrieve her bag pulling out her change purse.

“I knew you would have it,” Gessica confirmed, “you always keep your granny change purse filled.”

“Hey, excuse you!”

“What? It’s the truth. You and Demi are the only ones on Earth that won’t use a debit card and keep cash on hand.”

Anna simply chuckled not paying much attention to Gessica. It didn’t matter that Gessica constantly teased her about keeping her change purse stuffed with dollars.

“What are y’all talking about?” Demi asked as she marched toward them.

“None ya,” replied Gessica.


“It’s for us to know—none of your business. That’s what I meant.” Demi just stared. That same cat-like stare that she gave everyone instead of mouthing off and saying what she wanted to, not knowing that her eyes said it all. She was one funny person.

Bronwyn went shopping over lunch. When she returned she had on the cutest knee length boots that accentuated the skirt she wore. They were a brownish-taupe suede boot with a high heel. Demi’s other name should be shoe whore. She just needed to see how they looked on her.

“Unzip them and let me put them on for a moment.”

“There you go demanding again,” Anna said.

“How do you even know that she is okay with you putting your feet in her new boots?” Gessica asked.

“Oh, she doesn’t care. Shut up!”

“It’s not nice to say shut up, Demi,” Anna stated.

“Yeah, what she said,” Gessica concurred.

“Shut up,” she repeated again.

“Pfft. How rude,” Gessica replied laughing.

Truth of the matter, Bronwyn didn’t care, and readily removed them for Demi to put on her feet. They both have a size 7, baby feet, so it was a perfect fit. The second Demi stood, her inner model came out; she strutted back and forth, sashaying her hips as if she were dancing on a bar. Then she started singing. Well her version of singing, because every song she sings always end up sounding like opera.

She started strutting again as if on a runway, stops, swivels around, and sings, “These boots were made for walking.”

She repeated the same chorus about ten times since they were the only lyrics of the song she knew. And, as she performed, the girls stood there in hysterical laughter as they watched her humorous performance. You would have thought it would have ended there, but it didn’t, and her rendition of Umbrella, by Rhianna, immediately followed.

“Under my umbrella, ella, ella, ella, ay, ay,” she chirped out as she held on to a pretend umbrella while she danced around.

She was one comical chick, and you couldn’t help, but crack up at her silliness. When she tripped on the carpet, that’s when Bronwyn made the decision to ask for her boots back before the goof ball broke her heel.

“You are such a nut!” Gessica voiced.

“But you love me…mwah,” said Demi, as she blew dramatic kisses.

What can anyone say except there’s nothing like seeing Demi act like a fool to lighten up the day. Gotta love her!



I hope you are enjoying reading G’s Charismatic Bunch. The series will run until May 1st (an extra week thrown in for the Friday I missed). However, I would be happy to postpone the date for the time being if I could get some positive feedback. With that being said, please participate in the poll below. I plan on making a decision by April 30th according to the results from the survey.

Be safe and have a great weekend!

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