Pubit! is now Nook Press


I know I was M.I.A. last week, but I was super busy, so I apologize for not checking in with you. Over the weekend, I took some time to check my book sells. What I discovered when I went to Pubit!, which is Barnes and Nobles site to publish books, is that Pubit! is now Nook Press. I’m sure I must have received something by email, but knowing me, I probably deleted it by mistake. There is, however, a press release available on the site. Below is a short snippet of what pops up when you go to Pubit!

With NOOK Press, you can write, edit, format, and publish your manuscript all in one place, collaborate with friends and editors, and get your questions answered quickly by our live chat support staff—all at no cost. It’s easy and improved and offers the same great terms as PubIt!

I haven’t had the chance to review everything, but at a quick glance I do like how friendly the sales page is in tracking your sales, and it also includes a beneficial book sales graph that display six months of information according to books sold and royalties earned. I also found the switch from Pubit! to Nook Press to be effortless because already having an account, all my information pretty much synced during the sign up process.

In the past, I have had issued with Pubit! so I’m hoping that Nook Press resolves them all. Something I will find out once I get a chance to sit down and thoroughly test out the new site. I will revisit this topic to let you know my thoughts on Nook Press.

R. Lynn



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