G’s Charismatic Bunch – Demi’s Bus Ride (Series #7)


Demi’s Bus Ride

Anna, Tami and Bronwyn each stood in the kitchen and chatted, awaiting the use of the microwave. Gessica’s meal had just finished heating when she and Demi entered the room.

“Hey girls! I’m glad you’re here because I can tell you all at once what happened on my ride in to work this morning,” Demi remarked as one hand flailed in the air full of animation. Her emotions clearly stirred.

“Oh boy, I can see the agitation. This story must be good,” Gessica expressed as she placed her steaming food container down on the kitchen counter.

“What happened, dear?” Anna asked as she moved to the empty oven to insert her own meal.

“So, there’s this woman in the back of the bus talking on her cell phone, and she goes…”

Yeah, uh huh, yeah.

I’m on the bus now.

Yeah, I will try to move up, but the bus is crowded.

Yeah, I got his stuff.

“Now, I’m sitting there thinking, oh my goodness, this lady is about to make a drug sale on the bus.”


“No way!” blurted Tami.

“Oh yes, this woman had no shame in her game. So she goes on with her phone conversation…”

Yeah, I’m about to go across the bridge.

Yes, the bridge. Can you hear me? Yeah, I said the bridge.

Ah huh, I’m in the back of the bus. Tell him that I got the stuff.

Oh wait a minute! Wait a minute, a call is coming in! (Clicks over)

Hello…uh huh, yeah, well I went over and said to him what the “f” I only got two dollars in my purse.

Well, I got to go, got to go! (Clicks back over to the person on hold)

Yeah, I’m back. Okay, I’m going across the bridge now, and the bus will be turning in a minute. Tell him to get on the bus, and come to the back.

I will try to move closer, but don’t think I can. The bus is full.

Oh wait! I got another call coming in. (Clicks over)

“I’m thinking what the hell because her phone was blowing up. Never mind the fact that she’s talking like no one is around. The lady that I was sitting next to, we looked at each other like this is too crazy.”

“I’m sure that everyone back there was thinking the same exact thing,” uttered Tami.

“Let me tell you,” Demi said, both hands held out in front of her like she was directing traffic, “we were all looking around thinking what the hell. I could hear the people behind me giggling at the wack job that sat in front of me. All I could think was, oh my goodness, there’s going to be a drug transaction taking place on the bus,” she articulated, and you could see the astonishment in her cat like green eyes.

“I can see your face now, Demi. You’re eyes must have looked like large saucers as her words entered your ears,” Gessica alleged. She wasn’t trying to be funny at all; nevertheless, the women busted out in an identical roar of laughter.

“Y’all can laugh, but seriously, it was shocking. So now we are across the bridge getting ready to make the turn. Cause after the turn the buyer is suppose to board the bus. All the while, she’s still on the phone, call, after call, after call.”

“Wow, that’s too funny!” Gessica snickered.

“But, wait, it gets better. When we near the bus stop, you can see her putting her mouth closer to the phone. Then she takes her hand, covering both her mouth and the part you talk into and states in what I guess she thought was a whisper…”

I can’t talk now; I’m getting ready to make a transaction.

The women lost it and started laughing hysterically. “I’m sitting there like are you serious? She might have thought she was whispering, but she wasn’t. You could hear everything she was saying.”

“I’m surprised she even knew the word transaction,” Anna addressed.

“Well, she certainly sound like a few scruples are loose!” said Bronwyn.

“Okay, but listen to this, it’s the best part. So the guy gets on and comes walking to the back of the bus, and she goes…”

“David, hello, how the hell are you?!” The girls bended over in laughter as they lost it again.

“Some drug dealer she is, like she’s not even trying to hide his identity. She gave up his name and everything,” Gessica blurted out between rumbled laughter.

“Right! The woman sounds like a wanna be drug dealer.  I’m sure you’ll see her face on the news soon—caption reading: bus drug dealer gets arrested,” Bronwyn declared, a statement that made the women laugh even harder.

“I don’t doubt that at all. Okay, so now, he’s on the bus, in the back where she is, and she continues on…”

You got it? (Her)

A huh, yeah I got it. (Him)

Okay, great, well I got it too; let’s go up there to those two empty seats. (Her)

“Now, I’ve seen a lot on the bus, but it’s a first seeing an actual drug deal. I’m telling you that was truly a sight. I couldn’t have made that story up if I tried.”

“And, it does sound like it was something you might have watched on television last night,” remarked Tami.

“Well that crazy story certainly brightened up my day. Wow, all I can say is that people are a trip these days. Just when I think I can’t be shocked, I hear something like this,” said Gessica.

“Thanks for sharing dear. It truly was funny,” stated Anna. Gessica, Bronwyn and Tami all nodded in agreement.

“Can’t wait for the next one,” Gessica threw in as she started to walk out the kitchen.

“Knowing the crazy lot of people that scrambles on board the bus drugged up, drunk or just plain weird, I’m sure there will be more to tell.” The women chuckled and went their merry way to finish out the time that remained of their break.


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R. Lynn

Website:  rlynnarchie.com


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