Stuff It Tuesday! Storetry #3 the blogger Collaboration Challenge! Come join us poets, writers and artisits!

Writings of a Mrs


Welcome to the third week of Stuff it Tuesday a blogging collaboration challenge for poets, writers, artists and photographers.

I offer the opening paragraph and the closing poem.  I ask contributors to fill in the middle, I then link the story together as best as I can. I include all submissions.

I put the link to each persons submission below their piece so that you can check out their blog.  Please show support and give the blogs a look to see if it’s something that interests you.

You can find next weeks Stuff It opening and closing paragraphs on my home page under the Stuff it Tuesdays Tab.  It will be updated tomorrow.

This weeks ‘storetry’ is beautiful.  I think it’s my favorite yet.  Thank you for participating and I encourage you to continue and for those of you that hesitate, don’t!  Participate!

Please feel free to re blog so…

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On fear and faith…


My tween daughter said something to me last night and it put a giant knot in my heart. She said,

” Mom, kids go to school and get shot. Kids go to school and are killed by a tornado. People go to the movies and are shot. They run a marathon and are bombed. Kids watch a marathon and die. Why?”

My short answer honestly was, “I don’t know.”  We went on to talk about it further and here is the gist of the conversation…

The reality is, this sort of thing rarely ever happens.  It doesn’t feel that way when news and social media and everything else puts it right smack in your face for days and weeks on end.  But honestly, in the big scheme of life, it rarely happens.

Not too long ago, my daughter had talked to her uncle out in California.  She was studying earth…

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