‘Storetry’ #5 Part Story/Part Poetry. Collaboration/Challenge for poets and writers, join us and get published!!

Writings of a Mrs Collaboration/Challenge for poets and writers.

Writings of a Mrs

I would like to thank everyone for their submissions and great pieces of writing both prose and poem and the wonderful photographs submitted!

I ask people to submit  a paragraph or a poem verse to fit into an opening paragraph and closing poetry verse that I supply.  I ask for people to contribute the ‘stuffing’ of the story, the middle with a short paragraph OR a poetry verse.  I then take all of the submission both prose and poem and try to add it all into the middle to make up at Storetry (part story part poetry) that flows nicely into a ‘Storetry’ (part story ‘stor’ and part poetry ‘etry’) I use all submission that are supplied to me as long as they pertain to the weeks opening and closing.  I will be publishing a free eBook that will include all of the ‘Storetry’s’ along with everyone’s submissions and blog…

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Game of Thrones: Red Wedding


I was skeptical on rather or not I would like the HBO series Games of Thrones when it first aired, but it has exceeded my expectations and I’m hooked. The show is one hundred percent all that and a bag of chips.

Sunday’s episode got taped, and I managed to sit down and watch it last night. All I can say is just when I think I’ve seen it all, I get blown away and shocked yet once again. The episode darn near had me close to tears. I wish I would have read the books before watching the series; nonetheless they all will join my library and no doubt it will be twice the pleasure.

Thank you, George R.R. Martin, for writing such an exhilarating collection of stories.

R. Lynn Archie

Website:  www.rlynnarchie.com

Live First . . . Write Second . . .

Article from West End Publications

West End

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Are you constantly asking the question: What should I write? 

           Even the most gifted writers sometimes face writers block, but there is a point where writers block becomes perfectly explainable.  Most great writers did not spend their whole lives locked up in a study sweating over a typewriter.  Before they had anything to say about the world, they got out and looked at the world, and got to know its inhabitants.

           If you are struggling to find material, the planet earth is filled with interesting things to write about.  The particular quarks of your neighbors, folksy or not, will help with dialog.  The particular plights of your city may aid in an interesting plot line.  And, if you search hard enough, you may find real life characters with personalities that could fill several novel

The point is you must fill…

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