Copyrighting a Book


Book copyright protection is a question that comes up regularly from writers. Especially true now, when book manuscripts can travel by digital means like through email. It’s common to want to learn how best to safeguard your document whether it’s in eBook or manuscript form. There’s no doubt that when you are transmitting your document there is always the potential for it to pass through several hands, as well as different eyes seeing it, and who wouldn’t feel uneasy passing along their work in its unpublished state. Quite frankly, the first thing that came to mind for me was how do I control ownership?

There’s a good article on Copyrighting a Book. Although this isn’t the original one that was my guide, it does contain a lot of identical information. There are three different methods you can follow to safeguard yourself:  1) Secure Automatic Protection, 2) Get Official Registration and 3) Take Advantage of Registration Services. It’s pretty much you’re choice how you want to go about it, but I am strongly recommending it. Visit the article to read more about how you can protect the rights of your document.

R. Lynn