Never Stop Trying

never stop trying

Have you ever written something that did not turn out the way you imagined? More than likely you have, but don’t let it get you down because it has happened to the best of authors.

Sometimes a lack of motivation can be a significant hurdle in stopping a person from writing. And, the last thing you want to do is give up because you hit a hurdle. Instead, step back and allow yourself a little time to get over it and then move forward and try again. You can only get better from learning from your mistakes. Most importantly, if you are badly in need of inspiration to jump-start your drive, who better to obtain it from than those closest to you.

As much as we would like things to go our way, the truth is life is not perfect, and at some time or another there might be things or people that will try to bring you down. Just remember, these keywords, “don’t sell yourself short and do not let anyone destroy your dreams.”

R. Lynn



2 thoughts on “Never Stop Trying

    • You’re welcome. Yes, you are quite right; it is very easy to get caught up. My personal philosophy is some of us are stronger than others, so a little encouragement can go a long way! Thanks for visiting:-)

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