Review: The Falling of Hope by Marisa Oldham


Book Description:

Grace McKay thought that her perpetual love problems were over the day she said “I do” to Benjamin McKay, a dashing, handsome, wealthy, gallery owner, but she is once again faced with heartbreak. Struggling to save her marriage, Grace finds a power in herself that she never knew existed. Faced with an uncertain future and feelings of emptiness and confusion she cannot put into words, Grace embarks on a journey of self-discovery that ultimately leads her on an adventure where she finds a life changing surprise she never could have imagined.

My review – Five Stars:

I enjoyed reading The Falling of Hope. It was a pleasure in getting to know the character’s and being able to participate in their life’s journey as I watched them evolve throughout the whole series. The depths of despair can be painful, but what I learned from the final book is there’s always hope around the corner. I’m truly sad to see it end, but it was such a gratifying piece of writing that never disappointed. Click here if you are interested in purchasing a copy (paperback) or here for Kindle Editions of the other two books.



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