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First I would like to say I’ve re-edited Trial of Marriage (TOM1) due to some changes I made in Trial of Marriage 2: Sacrifices (TOM2 is due out on 5/30/14). I’m seeking a few individuals interested in reading/providing a review on TOM. Please click here if you’re interested.

Okay, moving on, time to talk about two of my favorite shows. **Spoiler Alert**Read with caution, if you watch these shows and haven’t seen them yet, you might want to stop here.

#2 on the list is Games of Thrones. Now I wanted to read this book; however, since I had already started watching the cable series, I decided not to since I was already so caught up in the TV version. This season the show is already starting out with some crazy drama. I’m not one for wanting to see anyone get hurt, but I have to say that I am so glad someone poisoned King Joffrey. He was the most rotten, cruel and self-absorbed boy I have ever seen. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone got rid of him.

#1 is Scandal and wow there was so much stuff going this season. I was glad to see Olivia getting on a plane and leaving with Jake. Yeah, she loves the President, and he loves her, but his loyalties will always be family first, especially after what happened to his wife at the hands of his own father and the shocking death of his son. Then there are issues with Hawk, one minute he is torturing and wanting to kill his protégée and the next minute, episodes later they are making out, what the heck! I just don’t get it. The next season—is there going to be a next season from the way they ended things? Things seemed so final like the show wasn’t coming back, and I know it has to because I can see the storyline focused around the death of the President’s son. I always thought Olivia’s father was cruel, but I see now that he’s brutal, much worse than even her mother.

If you watch these shows, I would love to hear your feedback.
R. Lynn


Upcoming Event: A Call for Submissions from Female Authors

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! Indie World Publishing and Author Services are in the last days of accepting submissions for their Mother’s Day Reading Blitz event! If you’re a female author, please take a look at the website for information on the event as well as submission details. The deadline for submissions is April 11, 2014… so join them and some of the best female Indie authors around for this one-of-a-kind event today!

Here’s the link:  http://www.indieworldpub.com/#!mothers-day-reading-blitz/crux