The moment I learned letters formed words, I fell in love with reading. I will read anything as long as it peaks my interest, but my preference and love will always be romance. For so long, I considered writing my own books, only I procrastinated the idea by moving it to the back burner multiple times. Then one day out of the blue I had an “aha moment,” there truly was no real reason not to publish except for fear no one would enjoy my writing. Once I got past the dreaded fear, I replaced it with positive thinking and moved forward fulfilling my lifelong dream of writing a romance novel.

I write in different genres of romance. Though, I had not planned it that way. What I can say is the common element that combines all my books is the relationship aspect. Thus with this freedom I can change things up and not concentrate on just one category.

For me, every day is a precious gift, and I can enjoy it by writing alluring, thought-provoking stories I can share with others.

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R. Lynn