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I thought I would do a Black Friday special for the weekend.  My romance novel Trial of Marriage is free for the entire weekend. Go grab you up a copy!!

Trial of Marriage


Edited Version – Second Edition

Trey Moretti has it all, dream job, loving wife Angelique, and finally a baby on the way. What he does not plan on is his past sneaking up on him. Gradually things start to unravel as Trey fight to keep his family intact. But when that last big skeleton is finally out of the closet will it mean the end for Trey and Angelique?

**Warning, story contains profanity and scenes of sexual content. Intended for mature readers only.**

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I’m the featured author today on my friend and fellow author, Marisa Oldham’s Facebook page. There’s going to be a Giveaway and you still have time, so stop by and enter. If you can, please “Like” her page; that would be awesome, here’s the link:

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Writers – The Thought That Goes Into Creating Scripts


First I would like to say I’ve re-edited Trial of Marriage (TOM1) due to some changes I made in Trial of Marriage 2: Sacrifices (TOM2 is due out on 5/30/14). I’m seeking a few individuals interested in reading/providing a review on TOM. Please click here if you’re interested.

Okay, moving on, time to talk about two of my favorite shows. **Spoiler Alert**Read with caution, if you watch these shows and haven’t seen them yet, you might want to stop here.

#2 on the list is Games of Thrones. Now I wanted to read this book; however, since I had already started watching the cable series, I decided not to since I was already so caught up in the TV version. This season the show is already starting out with some crazy drama. I’m not one for wanting to see anyone get hurt, but I have to say that I am so glad someone poisoned King Joffrey. He was the most rotten, cruel and self-absorbed boy I have ever seen. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone got rid of him.

#1 is Scandal and wow there was so much stuff going this season. I was glad to see Olivia getting on a plane and leaving with Jake. Yeah, she loves the President, and he loves her, but his loyalties will always be family first, especially after what happened to his wife at the hands of his own father and the shocking death of his son. Then there are issues with Hawk, one minute he is torturing and wanting to kill his protégée and the next minute, episodes later they are making out, what the heck! I just don’t get it. The next season—is there going to be a next season from the way they ended things? Things seemed so final like the show wasn’t coming back, and I know it has to because I can see the storyline focused around the death of the President’s son. I always thought Olivia’s father was cruel, but I see now that he’s brutal, much worse than even her mother.

If you watch these shows, I would love to hear your feedback.
R. Lynn

Review: The Falling of Hope by Marisa Oldham


Book Description:

Grace McKay thought that her perpetual love problems were over the day she said “I do” to Benjamin McKay, a dashing, handsome, wealthy, gallery owner, but she is once again faced with heartbreak. Struggling to save her marriage, Grace finds a power in herself that she never knew existed. Faced with an uncertain future and feelings of emptiness and confusion she cannot put into words, Grace embarks on a journey of self-discovery that ultimately leads her on an adventure where she finds a life changing surprise she never could have imagined.

My review – Five Stars:

I enjoyed reading The Falling of Hope. It was a pleasure in getting to know the character’s and being able to participate in their life’s journey as I watched them evolve throughout the whole series. The depths of despair can be painful, but what I learned from the final book is there’s always hope around the corner. I’m truly sad to see it end, but it was such a gratifying piece of writing that never disappointed. Click here if you are interested in purchasing a copy (paperback) or here for Kindle Editions of the other two books.


Book Review: Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet


First let me say this is not romance book, but science fiction.  Every now and then I do like reading something different.  I have to say that “Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet” was an enjoyable read. The book is about fifteen year old Jack Finnegan, an average teenager who has had his share of childhood problems and inadequacies.

And, it’s in this fifteenth year that a radical change transforms his life. It is an adjustment that centers on Jacks’ school acquaintance Anna Shepherd, Mr. Shepherd (Anna’s dad and Jack’s teacher) and Mr. Green (another teacher). People he thought he knew; however, what a surprise for him when he learns they are not what they betrayed themselves to be. Also, if that is not enough to comprehend, Jack has to deal with unsavory Deathlord aliens who are wreaking havoc and destroying anything and everything that crosses their path.

I like the growth that Jack’s character achieves along the way turning him from a laid-back teenager into a more focused and responsible individual. The things Jack endures are more than he ever could have envisioned. In this book, you will come across zombies, different alien races, spaceships, a princess and more.

I would put this book in the young reader’s category only because of the dialog used; I think a pre-teen/teenager would have a deeper appreciation for it. Nonetheless, if you are an adult that enjoys reading science fiction stories with lots of action, adventure, and bits of humor thrown in here and there, then this story is right up your alley. It was a fun read, and I’ve already referred this book to a few young readers.  For more information on this book you can visit

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R. Lynn Archie