One Way Trip to Mars


This isn’t my everyday topic, but it involved reading so I wanted to share my thoughts on the one way trip to Mars that so many people had signed up for. Out of 200,000 applicants for this non-return expedition to Mars (Red Planet), the selection has been narrowed down to one hundred—50 men and 50 women.

It amazed me that so many people happily volunteered knowing they can never return to Earth. In addition, they’re leaving their families, significant others, friends, and everything else precious in their lives to be marked into the history books forever; yet, it’s at such a huge sacrifice.

Sonia Nicole Van Meter, 36, is a D.C.-area political consultant and one of the 100 finalists. She was interviewed about the possibility of being picked as one of the twenty-four for the trip to Mars, and her answers mimicked other interviews I’ve read from a few of the other finalists. To sum it up, they have the same inspirations about making this journey.

The plan is that Mars One will be the first group to make the initial travel, and the first launch is planned for 2024, to land in 2025. Ultimately, 24 people will be selected to make up six crews of four, which Mars One says they hope to launch to the Red Planet every two years from 2024, with the aim of starting a colony there.

I can’t even imagine traveling for that length of time in an unknown space. Even with the seven or eight years worth of pre-training for the final recruits, you really have to ask is it enough? I mean you’re talking about regular people, who are being trained to endure space travel and residence on a planet with an atmosphere that is unlivable without the proper aids to help them do so. Just the thought of that makes me appreciate the necessities that are taken for granted every day like water to drink and air to breathe.

What I do know is find this topic interesting. When 2024 finally arrives, I wish the expedition group and groups to come after them, the very best, and applaud them in their choices to take such a giant step in history.

R. Lynn Archie