Love vs. Career

Interracial Romance ~ Book Description

Marissa Andrews thinks her life is on target after graduating from college summa cum laude and landing her first successful marketing job. She feels happy with her dream job, along with James, her older boyfriend “slash” boss. Things for her are not looking too shabby.

Unfortunately, everything praiseworthy does not always stay that way. And, when James’s freshly college graduated daughter Becky steps into the picture and starts working for her dad, with her comes nothing but trouble, topped off by a nasty attitude.

The strong woman that Marissa is factors into a decision to walk away from a job that she loves because the drama isn’t worth it. It is a move that brings unexpected consequences into her life. If there is one thing that she has learned from her partnership with James, it is that work and personal relationships entwined are bad karma, and definitely should not be combined. It is a rule that she vows to live by from here on out.

Only, the one thing she doesn’t know is that Roaman Stuart is about to make her acquaintance and put that promise to a test.

**This work of fiction contains adult situations that is not suitable for children under eighteen years of age. Recommended for mature audiences only.**

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