G’s Charismatic Bunch – Demi’s Bus Ride (Series #7)


Demi’s Bus Ride

Anna, Tami and Bronwyn each stood in the kitchen and chatted, awaiting the use of the microwave. Gessica’s meal had just finished heating when she and Demi entered the room.

“Hey girls! I’m glad you’re here because I can tell you all at once what happened on my ride in to work this morning,” Demi remarked as one hand flailed in the air full of animation. Her emotions clearly stirred.

“Oh boy, I can see the agitation. This story must be good,” Gessica expressed as she placed her steaming food container down on the kitchen counter.

“What happened, dear?” Anna asked as she moved to the empty oven to insert her own meal.

“So, there’s this woman in the back of the bus talking on her cell phone, and she goes…”

Yeah, uh huh, yeah.

I’m on the bus now.

Yeah, I will try to move up, but the bus is crowded.

Yeah, I got his stuff.

“Now, I’m sitting there thinking, oh my goodness, this lady is about to make a drug sale on the bus.”


“No way!” blurted Tami.

“Oh yes, this woman had no shame in her game. So she goes on with her phone conversation…”

Yeah, I’m about to go across the bridge.

Yes, the bridge. Can you hear me? Yeah, I said the bridge.

Ah huh, I’m in the back of the bus. Tell him that I got the stuff.

Oh wait a minute! Wait a minute, a call is coming in! (Clicks over)

Hello…uh huh, yeah, well I went over and said to him what the “f” I only got two dollars in my purse.

Well, I got to go, got to go! (Clicks back over to the person on hold)

Yeah, I’m back. Okay, I’m going across the bridge now, and the bus will be turning in a minute. Tell him to get on the bus, and come to the back.

I will try to move closer, but don’t think I can. The bus is full.

Oh wait! I got another call coming in. (Clicks over)

“I’m thinking what the hell because her phone was blowing up. Never mind the fact that she’s talking like no one is around. The lady that I was sitting next to, we looked at each other like this is too crazy.”

“I’m sure that everyone back there was thinking the same exact thing,” uttered Tami.

“Let me tell you,” Demi said, both hands held out in front of her like she was directing traffic, “we were all looking around thinking what the hell. I could hear the people behind me giggling at the wack job that sat in front of me. All I could think was, oh my goodness, there’s going to be a drug transaction taking place on the bus,” she articulated, and you could see the astonishment in her cat like green eyes.

“I can see your face now, Demi. You’re eyes must have looked like large saucers as her words entered your ears,” Gessica alleged. She wasn’t trying to be funny at all; nevertheless, the women busted out in an identical roar of laughter.

“Y’all can laugh, but seriously, it was shocking. So now we are across the bridge getting ready to make the turn. Cause after the turn the buyer is suppose to board the bus. All the while, she’s still on the phone, call, after call, after call.”

“Wow, that’s too funny!” Gessica snickered.

“But, wait, it gets better. When we near the bus stop, you can see her putting her mouth closer to the phone. Then she takes her hand, covering both her mouth and the part you talk into and states in what I guess she thought was a whisper…”

I can’t talk now; I’m getting ready to make a transaction.

The women lost it and started laughing hysterically. “I’m sitting there like are you serious? She might have thought she was whispering, but she wasn’t. You could hear everything she was saying.”

“I’m surprised she even knew the word transaction,” Anna addressed.

“Well, she certainly sound like a few scruples are loose!” said Bronwyn.

“Okay, but listen to this, it’s the best part. So the guy gets on and comes walking to the back of the bus, and she goes…”

“David, hello, how the hell are you?!” The girls bended over in laughter as they lost it again.

“Some drug dealer she is, like she’s not even trying to hide his identity. She gave up his name and everything,” Gessica blurted out between rumbled laughter.

“Right! The woman sounds like a wanna be drug dealer.  I’m sure you’ll see her face on the news soon—caption reading: bus drug dealer gets arrested,” Bronwyn declared, a statement that made the women laugh even harder.

“I don’t doubt that at all. Okay, so now, he’s on the bus, in the back where she is, and she continues on…”

You got it? (Her)

A huh, yeah I got it. (Him)

Okay, great, well I got it too; let’s go up there to those two empty seats. (Her)

“Now, I’ve seen a lot on the bus, but it’s a first seeing an actual drug deal. I’m telling you that was truly a sight. I couldn’t have made that story up if I tried.”

“And, it does sound like it was something you might have watched on television last night,” remarked Tami.

“Well that crazy story certainly brightened up my day. Wow, all I can say is that people are a trip these days. Just when I think I can’t be shocked, I hear something like this,” said Gessica.

“Thanks for sharing dear. It truly was funny,” stated Anna. Gessica, Bronwyn and Tami all nodded in agreement.

“Can’t wait for the next one,” Gessica threw in as she started to walk out the kitchen.

“Knowing the crazy lot of people that scrambles on board the bus drugged up, drunk or just plain weird, I’m sure there will be more to tell.” The women chuckled and went their merry way to finish out the time that remained of their break.


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Sorry, but there will be no posting for G’s Charismatic Bunch today. Series #7 will be posted on Monday, May 20th instead. If you’ve missed any of the series maybe you can take this opportunity to catch up (see links below). Thanks for your patience.

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G’s Charismatic Bunch – The Gray Rodent (Series #6)

Gs bunch rev.pic

I thought I would give you an update. I will continue G’s Charismatic Bunch series until the last Friday in May, and then take a break from it for a little bit. As always, please enjoy #6 – The Gray Rodent.

Gessica shuffled into the office loaded down with her lunch bag, florescent pink back sack, and a purse probably huge enough to fit her whole vanity inside. The thing that caught Anna and Bronwyn’s attention was that she entered with a huge smile on her face. It definitely was not her normal persona they observed in the morning.

               “Good morning…T.G.I.F.,” she chanted as she greeted Anna and Bronwyn. Both women starred at one another before they answered back.

               “Good morning, dear, are you alright today?” Anna asked curious about her co-worker’s morning bliss.

               “Good morning, G. Yeah, I’m with Anna, I’m not use to seeing you so, umm, happy in the morning. I know something’s up; you might as well spill it,” Bronwyn exclaimed, her eyes glued to Gessica as she waited for a response.

               “Girls,” Gessica vocalized in a high pitched tone, “I’m fine, geez.  Can’t a girl be happy every once in a while?”

               “Well, yes, but for you that’s unusual,” stated Anna.

               Gessica sat her belongings down and dug into her purse for something. “Bronwyn, you and Anna come over here to my desk, please,” she instructed.

               The first thing that they saw was a plastic rodent that sat upon her desk. Very realistic it was with its beady black eyes, grayish concrete color and long skinny tail.

               “Why do you have that rat on your desk, Gessica?” asked Anna.

               “Like you really have to ask, Anna? You’re going to use this on Demi, aren’t you, Gessica?” Bronwyn questioned.

               “Ding, ding, ding…I don’t have a gold star to give you, but I will give you an I.O.U.”

               “You sure you aren’t suffering from the lingering effects of a hangover or something,” Bronwyn smiled as Anna emitted quiet laughter.

               “Go right ahead; tease away, but when I get Demi, I already know that you both will be standing beside me participating in the laughter,” she exclaimed, with no doubt of their partaking.

               “So, what’s your plan?” Anna questioned.

               “Well, isn’t this the cat calling the kettle black. Little miss goody two shoes isn’t so good after all. Didn’t take you long to jump aboard my train, did it?” Gessica inquired as she stared at Anna with a shocked expression.

               Anna laughed. “Okay, maybe I’m guilty. I’m on board just as long as you’re not trying to use it on me.”

               “Or me,” Bronwyn spat out, “you know how bad my nerves are, I don’t need them to get worse than they already are, comprende?”

               “Don’t comprende me like you know Spanish. You know it’s probably the only word that you do know,” Gessica smirked. “Don’t worry, you two are safe, this baby here is only for Demi,” she clarified as she stroked the tail of her fake rat.

               Gessica heard Demi’s heels click clacking down the hallway as she approached her office. Quickly she grabbed the rodent and shoved it into her desk drawer.

               “Morning G Honey,” Demi sing-songed as sweet and sappy as a jar of honey.

               “Morning D,” Gessica smiled as the girls scurried away.

Good thinking girls, Gessica thought, we don’t want to draw attention that something is about to go down.

With no one around with idle conversation, Demi marched to the kitchen to fix herself a cup of Mandarin Orange tea. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect so Gessica made a mad dash to Demi’s office with the plastic rat in hand to set the scene. It was more than enough time to leave her little plastic friend behind and return to her desk.

When Demi strolled past her office, Gessica put on a huge smile and commented, “You look cute today.”

“Thanks G.”

It wasn’t that she didn’t look nice any other day. The whole purpose of the little scenario was to distract her so she wouldn’t be as observant as she walked back to her office. Not that Gessica looked, but she was sure that Demi snuck a peek of herself at each window she passed. She’s so predictable. Anna, Gessica and Bronwyn sat at their work stations and waited to hear her scream; however, after a minute had passed, Gessica slinked over to Anna’s office which was in direct view of Demi’s.

“Psst…what’s she doing?”

“She’s on her computer working, she didn’t see it.”

“Oh for goodness sake; I should have known it wasn’t going to be a piece of cake.”

“Gessica, you’re going to have to go back there and do something,” Bronwyn whispered when she walked over to put in her thoughts.

“Okay, okay, I’m going in girls. Wish me luck.” Gessica picked up a file and walked back to Demi’s office. She had on earphones as she listened to who knows what, and was all absorbed in some chart that was on her screen.

Gessica took a deep breath and tapped Demi lightly on her shoulder. Promptly she removed one ear plug as she turned to see her visitor. “Hey Demi, I’m in dire need of your help. This budget I’m working on is a mess. Do you think you can help me figure it out?”

“Yeah, sure, let me see,” she said as she removed her other earpiece and sat it on her keyboard.

Don’t smile…don’t laugh. Only a few more seconds and you got her, Gessica thought.

Gessica played it cool and looked down toward Demi’s feet with a startled appearance. “Dem..Demi, don’t move,” she said slowly.

Of course, she knew that Demi would look down, and sure enough she did. For Gessica, it felt like immediately everything started to move in slow motion. It took a couple of seconds for Demi’s brain to compute that a rat’s tail was wrapped around the heel of her shoe. And, it was at that moment that she let out a loud squeal as her body went ballistic and thrashed around like she had experienced a seizure. She bounced slightly from her chair right after she used her feet to push hard against the floor.

Hard enough that it allowed her to lift her feet high into the air as the chair skidded halfway across her office. There she sat glued in a runaway chair that abruptly stopped as it slammed into a wall, and caused her to bump her big head.

In reality, the whole thing happened at lightning speed, but as Gessica watched she couldn’t hold back the laughter that let loose. It was like watching a historic slow motion movie. Anna and Bronwyn only got the end view of what happened after they ran down the hall. Even the small bit that they saw was hysterical enough.

“Dang Demi, I’ve never seen you move so fast,” laughed Bronwyn.

Demi blocked everything out for a moment when she saw that Anna, Bronwyn and Gessica laughed at her expense. Then she got a better look at the varmint. She nearly had a heart attack over a stupid plastic rat.

“Get out of my office now! I can’t believe you did that; I hope you know that was pretty low!”

“Aww, it was a joke,” Gessica explained through side-splitting laughter.

“Ha, ha, ha, Gessica get out, and Anna and Bronwyn, do follow her away from my doorway!”

“Oh wow, you’re giving us the boot too?” Anna asked as she and Bronwyn laughed.


“Demi, you know this was a hoot, right?”

“What’s going to be a hoot is when I get your stupid butt back. Now go!”

“Okay, okay, I’m out of here,” Gessica pouted while she watched as Demi gave her a death stare and double rolled her eyes.

As Gessica, Anna and Bronwyn walked back to their workstations, Anna said, “You two crack me up. You both are always out to get the other. I swear you act like you’re still in high school.”

Gessica smiled. “Maybe so, but at least we keep it interesting for you. Demi’s a little agitated at the moment, but when it wears off, she’s going to love me again. Count on it.”


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G’s Charismatic Bunch – The Dishwasher Debacle (Series #5)

Sorry for missing last week’s issue, but I hope you enjoy today’s posting of The Dishwasher Debacle.


Gessica, Tami, Demi, Anna and Bronwyn, had decided to order in lunch since it was raining outside. And, it was during lunch that Gessica heard the story of Bronwyn’s dishwasher incident.

“So you never used a dishwasher before you started working here?” Gessica asked.

“No. I’m the dishwasher at home,” replied Bronwyn.

“G, shut up, let her continue,” Demi stated between bites as she chowed down on her grilled chicken salad.

“I was about to do that, and what did I tell you about telling me to shut up? You shut up,” Gessica barked and twisted up her lips.

“You would never know you two are friends the way you carry on,” said Anna.

“Ah, is it okay to continue girls?” Bronwyn asked as she eyed them back and forth.

“Yup, go ahead,” Gessica said, her attention turned back to Bronwyn.

“Go ahead, Bronwyn, we’re done,” Demi stressed as she shoved another forkful of spinach into her mouth.

Satisfied, Bronwyn continued on, “As I was saying, I never worked a dishwasher before, but I wanted to help out even though it wasn’t my turn yet to do kitchen duty. I told Tami that I would take care of making sure the dishwasher was run and emptied.”

“I was leaving early that day, so I appreciated her offer to help and explained where the tablets were for the dishwasher,” Tami explained. “Huny, I felt partly responsible because I didn’t know it was your first time working one, and I also had forgotten that the container was empty.”

“Well I don’t blame you for that, it was my bright idea to use the dish liquid. Tami had left, and no one was around to help, I should have waited, but you know I don’t have any patience. I didn’t think it would be a big ordeal to swap it with liquid dish detergent, but of course, I was wrong.”

“So what did you do?” Gessica asked.

“Oh, you are going to love this!” Demi chuckled.

“I only put in a little and started it; I mean, it’s for dishes, right? It was supposed to wash, I was going to empty it, and it would have been done. But oh, I can’t get that lucky.”

“Are you serious?! “Oh my gosh; this is too funny,” Gessica stated.

 “Unfortunately yes.” By the look on her face, it was apparent that the sordid memory had scratched the surface of her brain.

“Okay, okay, this is starting to get good. Go ahead girl, you have my full attention,” Gessica excitedly exclaimed while her hands rubbed together like two sticks trying to start a fire. “Details girlfriend, I want to hear everything.”

Anna decided to add her two cents into the conversation. “Well, I had to run out at lunch, and when I got back, I went to the kitchen to heat up my lunch. Only, what I found instead was a floor of bubbles. I’m talking bubbles galore, like rub a dub, dub, it’s time to throw my butt in the tub,” she laughed.

“Same here, I also had just walked into the office and heard Anna hollering for help; that’s when I went sprinting towards the kitchen. There were tons of suds spewing out of the dishwasher. It was like it was bleeding bubbles. Do you know how to say massive? Believe me it was that and more, and I’m not exaggerating. Bronwyn ran back when I did, so it’s us and Anna trudging through this white sea of suds,” Demi explained.

“I think we all panicked, but Bronwyn decided to run the rinse cycle, and we had never been through anything like this before, so we stupidly agreed like idiots,” laughed Anna.

“I don’t know what we were thinking, honestly I don’t. It was like throwing a match on gasoline and watching it blow up. The bubbles kept coming, and coming, and oozing out like there was no tomorrow. We probably threw every kitchen towel we had down on the floor, and we followed that with rolls of paper towels trying to absorb those darn suds. All along I was praying that nothing seeped down on the floor below us,” said Demi.

“It was my fault and I was so embarrassed that it happened in the first place. It took us a while, but we finally managed to clear the floor and we could, at last, see our feet again. I was grateful for their help, and told them I would take care of the repair process to get the dishwasher back to normal again,” Bronwyn stated.

“So how did you do that?”

“I had to call the management office to alert them. The building’s engineer explained what I needed to do.”

“Ahh, okay,” Gessica nodded.

“All I could think of was damn, this is going to take up my whole freaking day. I ruined everyone’s shoes, including my own and the dishes were still dirty. Hell, I had to remove them all, so that I could take out the dishwasher racks. Then I had to hand wash and thoroughly dry the entire inside of the dishwasher. I didn’t need anyone to cuss me out because I did an excellent job of that myself. Anyway, the engineer explained that I needed to break down the surfactant of dish soap detergent.”

“And how do you do that?” Gessica asked with raised eyebrows.

“He suggested that I use ½ cup of vinegar poured directly on the bottom of the dishwasher.”

“Umm, okay, sounds logical enough.”

“Why are you asking so many questions?” Demi remarked.

“Because I can, and…!”

“You two are nuts; I’m telling you, nobody would ever guess you’re friends,” Anna said as she shook her head at their bickering.

“I don’t care about the questions because I asked plenty myself. I just wanted the situation fixed,” Bronwyn explained. I even burnt myself on the heating coil forgetting that the bastard was still hot as hell.” ”

“Anyhow, I sprinkled a layer of salt over the vinegar and started the dishwasher. I repeated that process twice before the bubbles were finally gone. Demi was a sweetheart, though. She ran out and bought a container of tablets. I popped one of those babies in with the dishes and things were rocking and rolling again. I tell you, I hope I never go through anything on that level again.”

Gessica playfully bumped into Bronwyn with her shoulder and said, “Bronwyn, you’re so stupee, only you could do something that crazy, but that’s why I love your crazy butt. However, you should be glad it happened before I was hired because I would have given you a hard time for weeks on end,” she laughed.

“Yes G, I’m very thankful for that one,” she smiled.

Lunch was over, and as the women collected their utensils and dishes they teasingly made fun of Bronwyn on her dish liquid debacle, but as always, it was all in fun among friends.


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G’s Charismatic Bunch – Let Me Try On Your Boots (Series #4)


Let Me Try On Your Boots

Gessica sat her desk listening to the sound of her stomach rumbling. Only five more minutes until lunch, and it couldn’t get here fast enough. Demi entered the office, distracting her as she returned from running an errand. Not that she’s a germaphobe or anything, but Demi’s first instinct when returning from outside is to go straight to the hand sanitizer conveniently located in the reception area for all to use.

“Darn it!” Demi shrieked while she scanned over her attire.

Gessica had not seen what had happened, but guessed at what Demi’s irritation stemmed from. “Did you do what I think you did?”

“Yeah…damn it!”

Tami passed by and noticed that sanitizer had splashed over a good portion of Demi’s slacks. “You better run to the kitchen and wipe some of that off, so it doesn’t stain.”

“Yeah, you got a point,” she answered as she followed Tami, headed in the same direction.

“Oh my God!” Demi shrieked once again.

Now what’s wrong?Gessica thought as she heard the commotion. Then she gazed upon Demi in route back to her office.

“Hey, what happened,” Gessica called out. “I heard you all the way from here.” However, before Demi could respond, Gessica noticed the culprit.

“Oh my gosh! How hard did you hit the nozzle?!”

There was a long wide stretch of wetness that ran down Demi’s slacks. She was the only person in the office that smacked on the nozzle as if she was playing on the television game show, Family Feud.

“It squirted out, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw it under that darn bright light in the kitchen,” snorted Demi.

Gessica laughed. “What did I tell you about attacking that bottle? Now it looks like you pee’d your pants.” She was not aware that anyone was listening until she heard laughter emanate from Bronwyn and Anna.

Demi rolled her eyes and walked away, only for Anna to catch sight of what Gessica had referred to. “She’s right; you do look as if you had an accident. You better go back to your office and hide out until it dries,” she exclaimed as she chuckled.

“Whatever, you both are crazy!” Demi replied, as she sauntered out of sight.

About an hour later, Gessica returned from lunch. She needed change for the bus, but had not wanted to venture outside. If anyone had it, Anna would for sure.

“Hey Anna, would you happen to have change for a five dollar bill?” She asked as she stood leaning against her cubicle wall.

In her dainty, graceful fashion, she replied, “Um, yeah I do,” she said and reached down into a drawer to retrieve her bag pulling out her change purse.

“I knew you would have it,” Gessica confirmed, “you always keep your granny change purse filled.”

“Hey, excuse you!”

“What? It’s the truth. You and Demi are the only ones on Earth that won’t use a debit card and keep cash on hand.”

Anna simply chuckled not paying much attention to Gessica. It didn’t matter that Gessica constantly teased her about keeping her change purse stuffed with dollars.

“What are y’all talking about?” Demi asked as she marched toward them.

“None ya,” replied Gessica.


“It’s for us to know—none of your business. That’s what I meant.” Demi just stared. That same cat-like stare that she gave everyone instead of mouthing off and saying what she wanted to, not knowing that her eyes said it all. She was one funny person.

Bronwyn went shopping over lunch. When she returned she had on the cutest knee length boots that accentuated the skirt she wore. They were a brownish-taupe suede boot with a high heel. Demi’s other name should be shoe whore. She just needed to see how they looked on her.

“Unzip them and let me put them on for a moment.”

“There you go demanding again,” Anna said.

“How do you even know that she is okay with you putting your feet in her new boots?” Gessica asked.

“Oh, she doesn’t care. Shut up!”

“It’s not nice to say shut up, Demi,” Anna stated.

“Yeah, what she said,” Gessica concurred.

“Shut up,” she repeated again.

“Pfft. How rude,” Gessica replied laughing.

Truth of the matter, Bronwyn didn’t care, and readily removed them for Demi to put on her feet. They both have a size 7, baby feet, so it was a perfect fit. The second Demi stood, her inner model came out; she strutted back and forth, sashaying her hips as if she were dancing on a bar. Then she started singing. Well her version of singing, because every song she sings always end up sounding like opera.

She started strutting again as if on a runway, stops, swivels around, and sings, “These boots were made for walking.”

She repeated the same chorus about ten times since they were the only lyrics of the song she knew. And, as she performed, the girls stood there in hysterical laughter as they watched her humorous performance. You would have thought it would have ended there, but it didn’t, and her rendition of Umbrella, by Rhianna, immediately followed.

“Under my umbrella, ella, ella, ella, ay, ay,” she chirped out as she held on to a pretend umbrella while she danced around.

She was one comical chick, and you couldn’t help, but crack up at her silliness. When she tripped on the carpet, that’s when Bronwyn made the decision to ask for her boots back before the goof ball broke her heel.

“You are such a nut!” Gessica voiced.

“But you love me…mwah,” said Demi, as she blew dramatic kisses.

What can anyone say except there’s nothing like seeing Demi act like a fool to lighten up the day. Gotta love her!



I hope you are enjoying reading G’s Charismatic Bunch. The series will run until May 1st (an extra week thrown in for the Friday I missed). However, I would be happy to postpone the date for the time being if I could get some positive feedback. With that being said, please participate in the poll below. I plan on making a decision by April 30th according to the results from the survey.

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G’s Charismatic Bunch – Karaoke Night (Series #3)

Gs bunch rev.pic

Karaoke Night

Big plans after work for G and her Bunch are going out to dinner; all except for Anna because she’s sick. They decided on a nearby diner and bar that was reasonably priced. The decor…well it bordered on bad, but in the right light (dim) it was fine, and the food wasn’t bad.

What they didn’t know was that it was karaoke night. That would explain the peculiarly large crowd of people that occupied the vicinity. As they entered, Demi immediately spotted an empty booth, and made a bee line for it as the establishment was filled up fast.

“What do you say girls, shall we start off with some Kamikaze shots?”


“Sure,” they all agree in unison.

The drinks arrived, and after a quick toast they guzzled down their alcoholic beverages. “That went way too fast; I’m going to order us another round,” stated Demi.

“Not for me,” said Tami, “I need something a little milder—order me an Amaretto on the rocks.”

“You’re being a party pooper,” Demi replied.

“Maybe so, but I do need to be able to drive home, so I’m sticking with one Amaretto.”

“She does have a point, Demi,” Bronwyn added.

“Fine, just means there will be more for us,” she gleefully pointed out.

“Maybe we should limit you to one shot, your mouth hasn’t stopped yet,” said Gessica as the women erupted in laughter.

The waitress returned and along with ordering dinner, Demi took it upon herself to get three more rounds of Kamikazes and three glasses of Captain Morgan with Coke. They chatted and enjoyed their drinks until the food arrived. It was during dinner that they realized Karaoke was about to start.

“You should get up there and sing Bronwyn. You have a lovely voice,” Demi advocated.

Demi was the one that always persuaded the other person to do something. She would be a fantastic campaign manager. Gessica sat next to Bronwyn and peered over in her direction as she awaited the response. About now the drinks had taken effect because Bronwyn’s eyes looked a little glassy. And, although Gessica and Demi had consumed the same amount, the only effect that it had on them that it made them was more happy than usual. Tami of course was nearly sober because she was still babysitting her ONE Amaretto on the rocks.

“Ahh, Bronwyn, I think that guy is staring at you,” Demi stated.

She whipped her head around to see, “What guy?” She slurred.

pimp daddy

It was then that she saw he motioned for her to come over, and to their astonishment she did. He was a black guy, maybe about fifty-something who looked like pimp daddy from the 70’s, dressed all in black. All meaning long black leather coat, black dress hat, black sunglasses (not that he even needed them because it was evening) and even a black cane. He was the funniest looking character they had seen the whole evening. As soon as Bronwyn returned to the table, they pounced as they wanted to know what he wanted.

“Soooooooo,” everyone questioned.

“He wants to sing a song with me.”

“You said no right?” asked Gessica.

“I said yes.” They cracked up laughing.

“What song?” Demi asked.

“Love Shack.”

“Okay…well this should be interesting,” said Tami as she tried to be nonjudgmental. However, Gessica and Demi  just didn’t care what blurted out of their mouths.

“What the heck? I don’t know if I can keep from laughing when you get up there. This is going to be one hell of a funny sight,” Gessica declared.

“Bronwyn and Pimp Daddy, wow, I need to record this. One of y’all, get your phone camcorder ready,” Demi affirmed as she caused herself and everyone else to laugh.

“Why are you giving her a hard time Demi, all she’s doing is singing, not marrying the guy. Don’t worry B, I got your back,” Gessica defended.

“Aww thanks G,” she said as her words ran together.

She threw her arm around Gessica’s shoulder and garbled, “G, doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, I still love you and I know you have my bat.” She hiccupped. “I mean back.” The women started laughing again.

“I know what you meant B, and I love you to,” Gessica said as she hugged her back.

The conversation ended with Bronwyn and Pimp Daddy called up to sing. Bronwyn has an extremely good voice, and Pimp Daddy wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t exactly impressive either. The duo was going okay at first; that is until Pimp Daddy thought that he was a famous music artist and tried to out sing Bronwyn.

He was acting like they were Sonny and Cher, getting all close in her face as he loudly belted out his lyrics. This guy became engrossed in the song, and as his vocals got louder and louder, his movements became more dynamic as he engaged with the seated crowd.

Tami, Gessica and Demi, laughed so hard they were in tears. Poor Bronwyn; they were sure she was aware of what was happening, but she handled it nicely. To their amazement, she managed to stay focused and continued on, ignoring the fact that he was making an ass out of himself.

I don’t think the song could have ended fast enough for her, for as soon as it was over she was off the stage in a flash. Bronwyn already knew that she was not going to hear the last of this fiasco. For the next half hour, they gave her a hard time as they cracked jokes and imitated the performance. They were being a pain in the ass, but she knew it was all in fun.

“It’s time to head out of this joint and go home. I’m glad I was able to make everyone’s evening enjoyable,” said Bronwyn jokingly.

“Yup, that and then some ten times over,” said Gessica laughing.

“We won’t ever forget this day Bronwyn,” stated Demi.

“Dinner for four – $60, alcoholic beverages – $40, but Bronwyn singing with Pimp Daddy…priceless!” Tami acknowledged.  G’s Bunch exploded into laughter as they gathered their belongings and headed home.


I hope you enjoyed the third installment of the series; Have a great weekend!

R. Lynn

Website:  www.rlynnarchie.com

G’s Charismatic Bunch – Takes 1 To Know 1 (Series #2)

Gs bunch rev.pic

Takes 1 To Know 1

Every day is a busy day at work, but every now and then there needs to be a distress mechanism, and that’s where Demi and Gessica come into play. Why them? Because out of the bunch, they are the adventures ones. Now in Demi’s defense it must be stated that even though she is the sweetest person ever, she’s the craziest of the group. But, even the sweet ones have flaws, and Demi’s is that she’s a talkaholic. Not like gossiping, but better defined as not knowing when to stop talking. Better yet, if you need to get something done and you’re pressed for time, a good note would be to avoid Demi like the plague.

Getting back to business, Gessica cleared all random thoughts out of her head, and was fully engrossed in her work until Demi interrupted her concentration.

“Bronwyn!” Demi yelled from her office.

“Yes?” Bronwyn sighed, slightly startled from the shrieking sound of Demi’s voice that cut through her like fingernails on a chalkboard.

“I need you, come here!” She demanded.

Anna is right smack in the middle between Demi and Bronwyn, so she had to speak up. Swiveling her chair around, she turned toward Demi’s location and shouted, “You are so darn bossy. What happened to asking?!” Anna questioned. There’s was no response, and as usual, Demi ignored the question.

Bronwyn stood and shouted back, “Give me a second, I need to finish up something first!”

Unable to sit idled a minute more, Gessica decided to pay Demi a visit. “Hey, we do have telephones in the office; you could have easily buzzed her.”

Demi started waving her hands around as she began speaking. “She’s right down the hallway,” she explained as she pointed down the corridor. “It’s a waste of time picking up the phone when she can easily hear me.”

I swear she is the most animated person I know, Gessica thought as she observed Demi.

“I hope you know that what you said is completely ridiculous,” Gessica replied twisting up her lips.

Demi said nothing; she only sat there on her chair looking like the Queen of Sheba. There were not too many people who Gessica knew that would be caught at work wrapped in a zebra striped heating blanket; a blanket that looked more like a Snuggie. Demi’s greenish, cat eyed stare had started to annoy Gessica. What she wanted to do was grab a hold of Demi’s chair and spin her around like a top. Those green eyes of hers indeed would look crazy then, Gessica thought as a big smile appeared. Oh wow, that’s a mean thought, but oh would it be amusing.

“What’s so funny?!”

“You are dear. Why do you always have to stare at me like I’m insane? You don’t have a problem speaking your mind, and that’s 24/7.”

Demi remained silent, but truth be known there’s not many rare moments that renders her speechless. One can only assume what she’s thinking. Demi sat there looking like Ms. Conservative, but low and behold, the real her in true form is feisty and full of entertainment. And, unless you knew Demi, you would never know about her wild streak. It was something she kept on the DDL (Demi’s Down Low).

Gessica returned to her desk, and about an hour later she noticed Demi on her way to the ladies room. A light bulb flashed in her head, and just as she was about to play her cards she observed Bronwyn headed in the same direction.

Darn, sorry Bronwyn, but in order to get her I guess I’m going to have to sacrifice you in the process, Gessica thought. It’s now or never, so Gessica asked Anna to answer her calls. Not wanting her to miss out on the action, she alerted Anna that she should stand idle by the door because something was about to go down.

Anna’s eyes twinkled in excitement, and she whispered, “What are you about to do?”

Gessica chuckled. Anna has the persona of a Princess Grace, so dainty and graceful. But, since she’s also part of the bunch, sometimes that grace got thrown out the window. After Gessica shared her master plan, Anna stood out of view by the door as Gessica continued on down the hallway.  It intersected with another hall that led to the ladies room, so she took refuge out of sight, right at the connected point. She stood there and waited…and waited…and still waited for the girls to exit.

“Oh my goodness, did they fall into their toilets?” Anna whispered to Gessica as she stuck her head out the door.

“How am I supposed to know? Shhh, be patient,” she whispered back.

Gessica heard the phone ringing, and knew that Anna would need to go answer it. However, before the door closed, she could have sworn she heard Anna mumble some profanities. Yeah, she’s no English maiden no more. She’s corrupt just like the rest of us. Too funny, Gessica thought.

Finally, the bathroom door opened, and the sound of giggles heightened as the two got closer. Just as, they were about to make the turn headed in Gessica’s direction, she jumped out in front of them.

“Aaaahhhhh!” Gessica yelled as she appeared before them like some deranged maniac. Bronwyn and Demi immediately stopped dead in their tracks. No, stopped is wrong, they jumped inches of the floor, and their faces displayed a heart-stopping look of surprise. Their eyes were as large as saucers, and both had the same reaction as they shrieked loudly. This was better than she planned, and Gessica barely could catch her breath from laughing so intensely. She laughed so hard she cried, and was all bent over in a heap. Gessica could not speak—and it would have been a fantastic video moment if she would have thought about it in advance.

Anna stepped out into the hallway, and since she heard the commotion she knew she had missed it all.

“Any other time I can get on and off the phone, but oh not today. I swear I got asked the same question ten different times. Damn it, I’m so mad right about now!”

“G, that was so wrong!” Demi bellowed, irritated that Gessica got her.

“Yeah G, you could have given me a heart attack!” Bronwyn shouted.

Gessica settled down and calmly stated with sweet innocent eyes, “I’m sorry ladies.”

“No, you’re not, and for the record you’re STUPID, as stupid as one can get,” Demi blurted out.

“Takes one to know one, so thank you,” stated Gessica with a big grin smeared over her face.

Anna chuckled and said, “I’m going back into the office; yall can injure each other without a witness.”

Both having had enough laughs on their account, they walked back to the office as well, and left Gessica standing there with a smirked grin across her face.

“It’s okay, no hard feelings, still love you both, smooches!” Another glorious day in the office, she thought.

Premiere of G’s Charismatic Bunch – Two of a Kind (Series #1)

Gs bunch rev.pic

Happy, Friday, and as promised, I have for you the first posting of G’s Charismatic Bunch (team changed to bunch). I will be posting the mini-series every Friday all the way up until the end of April. I welcome hearing your thoughts, so please type away; your comments will determine whether I continue this into the future months. Thanks for stopping past and as always, happy reading:-) – R. Lynn


Two of a Kind

Gessica had just walked to her work station and set down her belongings when she heard Demi coming her way.  “Hey G Honey, what’s going on?  Did you have a pleasant weekend?”  The words spewing from Demi’s mouth were dripping with such sugary sweetness that it was almost sickening to Gessica’s ears first thing in the morning.

“Nothing.  It was good, but must you be so darn bubbly in the morning?!  Demi, how many times have I asked you to wait until I get some caffeine in my system before you go spreading your upbeat morning joy?”  Gessica’s tone was grouchy; nonetheless, Demi continued unfazed by her friend’s morning zombie mood.

“Look who got up on the wrong side of the bed again.  Oh, and G, just to clarify that last question, I don’t pay attention to your rantings!”

“Obviously not,” Gessica grumbled, picking up her lunch bag as she accidentally bumped into Demi while making her way to the kitchen.

“Hey!” Demi shrieked after catching her balance. “It’s okay G, I still love you!  Kiss, kiss.” Demi chuckled as she watched Gessica slowly trudge down the hallway. This morning routine of theirs happened pretty much the same way each day.

As Gessica walked back to her cubicle, Demi accepted a package from UPS and handed it to Gessica as she sat back down at her desk. “This is for you, dear.”

Gessica peered down at the label through her newly acquired bifocals.  “No, that’s for Bronwyn; looks like the blank CD’s I ordered for her.  And, speaking of CD’s, I know you can help me with this question:  What is the name of Adam Lambert’s second 2009 hit song?  You know the one the radio plays over and over….and over?”

“What do you want from me?” Demi answered shrugging her shoulders.

“The Adam Lambert song. What’s it called?”

“What do you want from me?” Demi answered, gesturing wildly with her hands as she spoke.

“For goodness sake, what I want is for you to answer my freaking question!” Gessica replied, agitation dripping from her voice.

“I answered you!” She voiced.

“No, you did not!” Gessica responded, the pitch in her voice rising louder.

“Yes I did; the name of the song is Whataya Want from Me!”

“Ohhhh,” Gessica sheepishly replied as she realized Demi had been answering her all along.

“Oh my god, you are killing me!” Came Demi’s exasperated reply.

Tami, Bronwyn, and Anna, walked over to Gessica’s desk to investigate the commotion.  Eager to know what all the fuss was about, Demi patiently explained what had happened, and the women all burst into a raucous bout of laughter.

“You two are like Tweedle Dee and Twiddle Dumb,” blurted Bronwyn causing another roar of laughter from Tami and Anna.  She burst into laughter herself as Gessica and Demi simultaneously rolled their eyes in her direction.

The clock struck 9:00 am as morning visitors began entering the lobby.  It was back to work for the five of them, smiling to themselves, thinking that there’s never a dull moment with G’s Charismatic Bunch.


All Rights Reserved, G’s Charismatic Bunch © 2013 R. Lynn Archie

Artwork by J. Mo