Day 2 of Cover Reveal for Trial of Marriage 2

Today is Day 2 of the cover reveal for “Trial of Marriage 2: Sacrifices” the second book in the TOM Series, and only two more days left before the big reveal on Friday. The book description is coming soon and I’ll have another peek to the cover tomorrow. Want to get a free copy? I’m giving away six copies, click here to enter.



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Prioritize Your Time


I have been working hard to get Trial of Marriage 2 completed, and it got me to thinking about when I decided to take the gigantic step into the world of self-publishing. The things I know now, I wish I knew then because the journey would have been a lot smoother and less stressing then it was back then. Do I have any regrets? No, I do not, but I would have done things differently. Nonetheless, over the past year, I have learned so much, which is why I try to share as much as I can about some of the things I encountered.

Early on when I started blogging one of my articles touched base on where does all the time go? With work, projects and writing on my agenda, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything completed. Throw in family and unexpected things that come up, yes it can get quite challenging, but I figure as long as I am being productive in my daily routine and accomplishing something, it’s good enough for me.

I do try to follow “working tips” as best as I can, but as stated in the article, Work Tips:  How Do You Prioritize Your Day? “Much of what consumes our days tend to be tasks that are urgent – a last minute emergency – for OTHERS.“ Can you share what you do to stay on track during the day?

I hope you have a great weekend folks!

R. Lynn Archie


Book Review: Beasthood by A.Z. Green


Typically I would watch something in this genre over reading it, but the book description piqued my interest from the beginning. First off, let me say kudos to the author for writing such an intriguing dark fantasy. The plot centers around Jaz, a teenage girl that is about to experience a life changing discovery.

The book starts off with an intense incident happening to Jaz and she has strong hesitation in accepting the given explanation. This presents such a problem it disrupts her livelihood sending her into therapy with her mom’s sister. The story builds with each chapter. Then enter her dad’s sister, an aunt she knew nothing about who shows up offering to take her on a trip to a spa resort. She goes with her aunt; however, the trip is not as she thought and instead of relaxing as she had planned, she finds herself held captive. Only she doesn’t get it is a safety precaution, for herself and others until she is willing to accept newfound information about her origin. And, the fact that she is so stubborn doesn’t help matters. Weeks continue to pass by and accidentally, she gains possession of a diary, a book that holds valuable information and answers questions from the past and gives insight to current situations she’s facing.

I like how A.Z. vividly describes every little detail in-depth perfectly. There are numerous characters throughout the book, though I only connected with the main ones in the center of the storyline. And, let me say she does them proper justice in providing layers of their presence so that readers can get to know them well. Her book doesn’t tell it shows one hundred percent. Every emotion I felt, as well as every event taking place, held graphic elements, which intensified my reading experience with this story. There are two that stand out the most: 1) A fight scene between Jaz and Fraya. The intensity level can be compared to watching a WWE match. 2) The other was a scene toward the end of the book in which Jaz play tug and war with conflicting emotions. It was easy to relate with her in having to deal with the effects of decisions made by one key person playing a prominent role in her life. My opinion is A.Z. did a splendid job bringing that moment out to the fullest.

The only issue that left me unhappy was the partially unresolved ending. And let me be clear, the ending wasn’t bad. It’s just a preference thing on my part for I like things cleared up at the end. Overall, Beasthood is a well written book from beginning to end. I gave the story four stars, and I wish there was more flexibility to do something in between, if so I would have given it 4.75 stars. So I look forward to following the series, I need my answers:-) Miss Green you’ve gained a fan here.

Beasthood is available on Amazon:

Also available on Amazon

Ideas on Being a Good Writer


What makes a good writer? Well it’s certainly not getting in front of a computer and typing with no concept of what you’re writing about. There’s no written strategy that is concrete, but there are things you can follow to achieve becoming a better writer. For me, I know when I get a book that I cannot put down, and also intrigues me to keep turning pages, it’s clearly written by a good writer.

A point to keep in mind is you want to grab the reader’s attention from the very first page. Another thing would be when you create your characters, make them come alive and pop—if you can get the reader feeling emotion you’re on the right track.

I’ve heard that the best thing about writing is being able to express what’s on your mind; a comment that I have to agree with whole heartedly. My early years in school, I was never one to be able to communicate the way I wanted because I was extremely shy. However, through my writing I excelled. Writing was my refuge in which my thoughts fluently poured out into bright vocabulary. No awkward moments or sounding stupid; just me being creative and insightful.

I will say that new writers can learn from experienced ones, and all it takes is simply reading. The more you know, the more you will improve in your vocabulary and your writing style, among other stuff. That’s what I think it takes to be a good writer. My advice for someone new starting out would be never give up and strive for the best.

Have a great weekend!

R. Lynn




Writing Advice


When I write I use my words as a communication source to express my ideas, turning those thoughts into novels or short stories. Writing for me is as natural as breathing and I do it because I love it.

This brings me to marketing guru and best-selling author, Seth Godin. He’s been called the “the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age” and in an article I recently read, he generously offers nineteen pieces of advice for aspiring writers.

The top three were really solid suggestions so I’ve listed them below:

1. Lower your expectations. The happiest authors are the ones that don’t expect much.

2. The best time to start promoting your book is three years before it comes out. Three years to build a reputation, build a permission asset, build a blog, build a following, build credibility and build the connections you’ll need later.

(I think this is good advice, however speaking only for myself, this one is unrealistic to me because I’m not that patient.)

3. Pay for an editor. Not just to fix the typos, but to actually make your ramblings into something that people will choose to read.

(If your budget does not allow for an editor then you should really make good use of your spelling and grammar check.)

Hope some of the tips helps some. Have a great day.

R. Lynn


G’s Charismatic Bunch – The Dishwasher Debacle (Series #5)

Sorry for missing last week’s issue, but I hope you enjoy today’s posting of The Dishwasher Debacle.


Gessica, Tami, Demi, Anna and Bronwyn, had decided to order in lunch since it was raining outside. And, it was during lunch that Gessica heard the story of Bronwyn’s dishwasher incident.

“So you never used a dishwasher before you started working here?” Gessica asked.

“No. I’m the dishwasher at home,” replied Bronwyn.

“G, shut up, let her continue,” Demi stated between bites as she chowed down on her grilled chicken salad.

“I was about to do that, and what did I tell you about telling me to shut up? You shut up,” Gessica barked and twisted up her lips.

“You would never know you two are friends the way you carry on,” said Anna.

“Ah, is it okay to continue girls?” Bronwyn asked as she eyed them back and forth.

“Yup, go ahead,” Gessica said, her attention turned back to Bronwyn.

“Go ahead, Bronwyn, we’re done,” Demi stressed as she shoved another forkful of spinach into her mouth.

Satisfied, Bronwyn continued on, “As I was saying, I never worked a dishwasher before, but I wanted to help out even though it wasn’t my turn yet to do kitchen duty. I told Tami that I would take care of making sure the dishwasher was run and emptied.”

“I was leaving early that day, so I appreciated her offer to help and explained where the tablets were for the dishwasher,” Tami explained. “Huny, I felt partly responsible because I didn’t know it was your first time working one, and I also had forgotten that the container was empty.”

“Well I don’t blame you for that, it was my bright idea to use the dish liquid. Tami had left, and no one was around to help, I should have waited, but you know I don’t have any patience. I didn’t think it would be a big ordeal to swap it with liquid dish detergent, but of course, I was wrong.”

“So what did you do?” Gessica asked.

“Oh, you are going to love this!” Demi chuckled.

“I only put in a little and started it; I mean, it’s for dishes, right? It was supposed to wash, I was going to empty it, and it would have been done. But oh, I can’t get that lucky.”

“Are you serious?! “Oh my gosh; this is too funny,” Gessica stated.

 “Unfortunately yes.” By the look on her face, it was apparent that the sordid memory had scratched the surface of her brain.

“Okay, okay, this is starting to get good. Go ahead girl, you have my full attention,” Gessica excitedly exclaimed while her hands rubbed together like two sticks trying to start a fire. “Details girlfriend, I want to hear everything.”

Anna decided to add her two cents into the conversation. “Well, I had to run out at lunch, and when I got back, I went to the kitchen to heat up my lunch. Only, what I found instead was a floor of bubbles. I’m talking bubbles galore, like rub a dub, dub, it’s time to throw my butt in the tub,” she laughed.

“Same here, I also had just walked into the office and heard Anna hollering for help; that’s when I went sprinting towards the kitchen. There were tons of suds spewing out of the dishwasher. It was like it was bleeding bubbles. Do you know how to say massive? Believe me it was that and more, and I’m not exaggerating. Bronwyn ran back when I did, so it’s us and Anna trudging through this white sea of suds,” Demi explained.

“I think we all panicked, but Bronwyn decided to run the rinse cycle, and we had never been through anything like this before, so we stupidly agreed like idiots,” laughed Anna.

“I don’t know what we were thinking, honestly I don’t. It was like throwing a match on gasoline and watching it blow up. The bubbles kept coming, and coming, and oozing out like there was no tomorrow. We probably threw every kitchen towel we had down on the floor, and we followed that with rolls of paper towels trying to absorb those darn suds. All along I was praying that nothing seeped down on the floor below us,” said Demi.

“It was my fault and I was so embarrassed that it happened in the first place. It took us a while, but we finally managed to clear the floor and we could, at last, see our feet again. I was grateful for their help, and told them I would take care of the repair process to get the dishwasher back to normal again,” Bronwyn stated.

“So how did you do that?”

“I had to call the management office to alert them. The building’s engineer explained what I needed to do.”

“Ahh, okay,” Gessica nodded.

“All I could think of was damn, this is going to take up my whole freaking day. I ruined everyone’s shoes, including my own and the dishes were still dirty. Hell, I had to remove them all, so that I could take out the dishwasher racks. Then I had to hand wash and thoroughly dry the entire inside of the dishwasher. I didn’t need anyone to cuss me out because I did an excellent job of that myself. Anyway, the engineer explained that I needed to break down the surfactant of dish soap detergent.”

“And how do you do that?” Gessica asked with raised eyebrows.

“He suggested that I use ½ cup of vinegar poured directly on the bottom of the dishwasher.”

“Umm, okay, sounds logical enough.”

“Why are you asking so many questions?” Demi remarked.

“Because I can, and…!”

“You two are nuts; I’m telling you, nobody would ever guess you’re friends,” Anna said as she shook her head at their bickering.

“I don’t care about the questions because I asked plenty myself. I just wanted the situation fixed,” Bronwyn explained. I even burnt myself on the heating coil forgetting that the bastard was still hot as hell.” ”

“Anyhow, I sprinkled a layer of salt over the vinegar and started the dishwasher. I repeated that process twice before the bubbles were finally gone. Demi was a sweetheart, though. She ran out and bought a container of tablets. I popped one of those babies in with the dishes and things were rocking and rolling again. I tell you, I hope I never go through anything on that level again.”

Gessica playfully bumped into Bronwyn with her shoulder and said, “Bronwyn, you’re so stupee, only you could do something that crazy, but that’s why I love your crazy butt. However, you should be glad it happened before I was hired because I would have given you a hard time for weeks on end,” she laughed.

“Yes G, I’m very thankful for that one,” she smiled.

Lunch was over, and as the women collected their utensils and dishes they teasingly made fun of Bronwyn on her dish liquid debacle, but as always, it was all in fun among friends.


Have a great weekend!

R. Lynn




Pubit! is now Nook Press


I know I was M.I.A. last week, but I was super busy, so I apologize for not checking in with you. Over the weekend, I took some time to check my book sells. What I discovered when I went to Pubit!, which is Barnes and Nobles site to publish books, is that Pubit! is now Nook Press. I’m sure I must have received something by email, but knowing me, I probably deleted it by mistake. There is, however, a press release available on the site. Below is a short snippet of what pops up when you go to Pubit!

With NOOK Press, you can write, edit, format, and publish your manuscript all in one place, collaborate with friends and editors, and get your questions answered quickly by our live chat support staff—all at no cost. It’s easy and improved and offers the same great terms as PubIt!

I haven’t had the chance to review everything, but at a quick glance I do like how friendly the sales page is in tracking your sales, and it also includes a beneficial book sales graph that display six months of information according to books sold and royalties earned. I also found the switch from Pubit! to Nook Press to be effortless because already having an account, all my information pretty much synced during the sign up process.

In the past, I have had issued with Pubit! so I’m hoping that Nook Press resolves them all. Something I will find out once I get a chance to sit down and thoroughly test out the new site. I will revisit this topic to let you know my thoughts on Nook Press.

R. Lynn


G’s Charismatic Bunch – Let Me Try On Your Boots (Series #4)


Let Me Try On Your Boots

Gessica sat her desk listening to the sound of her stomach rumbling. Only five more minutes until lunch, and it couldn’t get here fast enough. Demi entered the office, distracting her as she returned from running an errand. Not that she’s a germaphobe or anything, but Demi’s first instinct when returning from outside is to go straight to the hand sanitizer conveniently located in the reception area for all to use.

“Darn it!” Demi shrieked while she scanned over her attire.

Gessica had not seen what had happened, but guessed at what Demi’s irritation stemmed from. “Did you do what I think you did?”

“Yeah…damn it!”

Tami passed by and noticed that sanitizer had splashed over a good portion of Demi’s slacks. “You better run to the kitchen and wipe some of that off, so it doesn’t stain.”

“Yeah, you got a point,” she answered as she followed Tami, headed in the same direction.

“Oh my God!” Demi shrieked once again.

Now what’s wrong?Gessica thought as she heard the commotion. Then she gazed upon Demi in route back to her office.

“Hey, what happened,” Gessica called out. “I heard you all the way from here.” However, before Demi could respond, Gessica noticed the culprit.

“Oh my gosh! How hard did you hit the nozzle?!”

There was a long wide stretch of wetness that ran down Demi’s slacks. She was the only person in the office that smacked on the nozzle as if she was playing on the television game show, Family Feud.

“It squirted out, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw it under that darn bright light in the kitchen,” snorted Demi.

Gessica laughed. “What did I tell you about attacking that bottle? Now it looks like you pee’d your pants.” She was not aware that anyone was listening until she heard laughter emanate from Bronwyn and Anna.

Demi rolled her eyes and walked away, only for Anna to catch sight of what Gessica had referred to. “She’s right; you do look as if you had an accident. You better go back to your office and hide out until it dries,” she exclaimed as she chuckled.

“Whatever, you both are crazy!” Demi replied, as she sauntered out of sight.

About an hour later, Gessica returned from lunch. She needed change for the bus, but had not wanted to venture outside. If anyone had it, Anna would for sure.

“Hey Anna, would you happen to have change for a five dollar bill?” She asked as she stood leaning against her cubicle wall.

In her dainty, graceful fashion, she replied, “Um, yeah I do,” she said and reached down into a drawer to retrieve her bag pulling out her change purse.

“I knew you would have it,” Gessica confirmed, “you always keep your granny change purse filled.”

“Hey, excuse you!”

“What? It’s the truth. You and Demi are the only ones on Earth that won’t use a debit card and keep cash on hand.”

Anna simply chuckled not paying much attention to Gessica. It didn’t matter that Gessica constantly teased her about keeping her change purse stuffed with dollars.

“What are y’all talking about?” Demi asked as she marched toward them.

“None ya,” replied Gessica.


“It’s for us to know—none of your business. That’s what I meant.” Demi just stared. That same cat-like stare that she gave everyone instead of mouthing off and saying what she wanted to, not knowing that her eyes said it all. She was one funny person.

Bronwyn went shopping over lunch. When she returned she had on the cutest knee length boots that accentuated the skirt she wore. They were a brownish-taupe suede boot with a high heel. Demi’s other name should be shoe whore. She just needed to see how they looked on her.

“Unzip them and let me put them on for a moment.”

“There you go demanding again,” Anna said.

“How do you even know that she is okay with you putting your feet in her new boots?” Gessica asked.

“Oh, she doesn’t care. Shut up!”

“It’s not nice to say shut up, Demi,” Anna stated.

“Yeah, what she said,” Gessica concurred.

“Shut up,” she repeated again.

“Pfft. How rude,” Gessica replied laughing.

Truth of the matter, Bronwyn didn’t care, and readily removed them for Demi to put on her feet. They both have a size 7, baby feet, so it was a perfect fit. The second Demi stood, her inner model came out; she strutted back and forth, sashaying her hips as if she were dancing on a bar. Then she started singing. Well her version of singing, because every song she sings always end up sounding like opera.

She started strutting again as if on a runway, stops, swivels around, and sings, “These boots were made for walking.”

She repeated the same chorus about ten times since they were the only lyrics of the song she knew. And, as she performed, the girls stood there in hysterical laughter as they watched her humorous performance. You would have thought it would have ended there, but it didn’t, and her rendition of Umbrella, by Rhianna, immediately followed.

“Under my umbrella, ella, ella, ella, ay, ay,” she chirped out as she held on to a pretend umbrella while she danced around.

She was one comical chick, and you couldn’t help, but crack up at her silliness. When she tripped on the carpet, that’s when Bronwyn made the decision to ask for her boots back before the goof ball broke her heel.

“You are such a nut!” Gessica voiced.

“But you love me…mwah,” said Demi, as she blew dramatic kisses.

What can anyone say except there’s nothing like seeing Demi act like a fool to lighten up the day. Gotta love her!



I hope you are enjoying reading G’s Charismatic Bunch. The series will run until May 1st (an extra week thrown in for the Friday I missed). However, I would be happy to postpone the date for the time being if I could get some positive feedback. With that being said, please participate in the poll below. I plan on making a decision by April 30th according to the results from the survey.

Be safe and have a great weekend!

R. Lynn